Water Safety Education

In order to lessen the drowning incidents and save children’s lives, water safety education is of utmost importance. Water Safety Education VCD provides a user-friendly learning tool with animated cartoons so as to attract children’s learning interest. The VCD introduces reasons of aquatic accidents, personal hygiene and manners, main points of water safety, self-survival methods and land rescue methods, etc.

Apart from the water safety education materials, the VCD also provides the interactive games. The enclosed little test sheet “Kao Kao Ni” is deemed to provide for teachers and parents to download for their children to do. (Only Chinese Version is provided)

We hope this website provide the latest and basic information of water safety for students, teachers, parents and related organizations. It is encouraged to use this website / VCD as a teaching material of water safety education in order to reduce drowning.

The Water Safety Education VCD is available for Sale at the Society Office. Please contact the Office for more details.