Introduction of HKLSS

The Hong Kong Life Saving Society , formerly known as 'The Hong Kong Life Guard Club', is a voluntary organization established in 1956. It is not only a full member but also a Founder Member of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). Over the past fifty years, the mandate of the Society is continuously carried out by many dedicated volunteers bound to serve not only the Society but their fellow men, under the common motto 'Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in him a fellow man'. Aiming at combating aquatic-related accidents, the Society encourages everyone to participate in advocating water safety, life saving training, examinations and competitions so as to arouse the public awareness on water safety. Hitherto over 30,000 lives were saved by our lifesavers, and there are more than 100 affiliated clubs and over 10,000 persons involved actively.

The Society is the sole organization that conducts lifesaving examinations and awards credentials in Hong Kong . Our awards are widely recognized by government and the private sector. Under the guidance of our Council Members and Executive Committee, affiliated clubs work enthusiastically, resulting in the well organized lifesaving training and renowned respects from the community.

While celebrating its Golden Jubilee, the Society's work becomes more diversified. Apart from the success of lifeguarding standard upgrade, most latest lifesaving techniques would be developed and promoted, such as Jet Ski Rescue, IRB Rescue, Aquatic First Aid, Acupressure First Aid and International Referee Training, etc. which attracted many overseas and local lifesavers to participate.


Organization's Objectives

Our Society aims at promoting lifesaving movement and concept of water safety for the Hong Kong Community by means of organizing examinations, competitions, training as well as providing lifesaving services.


We strive to enhance the quality of lifesaving in Hong Kong and aim to be one of the most prominent lifesaving associations in Asia .


•  To educate people the importance of water safety;

•  To ensure the professionalism and high commitment of lifesaving personnel by providing quality service and

•  To promote lifesaving as a sport and nurture athletes of high potential;

•  To collaborate with district lifesaving clubs and pool resources from society in nurturing outstanding lifesavers.