Affiliated Club

An affiliated member must be registered as a legal entity under the law of Hong Kong SAR Government, or be a unit of a school or any organization under various Departments of the Hong Kong SAR Government (e.g. Schools registered under Education Department or Government Departments).

Provisional Member - A new application for affiliation will be admitted as Provisional Member for a period of not less than 12 calendar months. During this period, participation conduct and performance in life saving will be assessed by the Development Commission. This Board will submit recommendation to the Executive Committee which has absolute right to approve or decline the Provisional Member to become an affiliated unit member (full member) at the end of the observation period. Provisional member shall enjoy full privileges and benefits as an affiliated unit member of the Society except that they do not have voting right at the Society's General Meetings.

Affiliated Unit Member (Full Member) - As far as Affiliated Unit Member is concerned, the two representatives are eligible to vote at General Meetings.

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