Lifesaving Training

Every year, the S ociety organizes different types and levels of training courses including pool rescue, open water rescue, as well as aquatic first aid, etc. We introduce high-ended lifesaving equipment to Hong Kong , like Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB), Rescue Jet Ski and Rescue Board. We organize coaching courses and are committed to nurturing a lifesaving force of high potential and commitment to meet the needs ahead.

Training News
    Life Saving Training Scheme 2019
    Integrated Lifesaving Certificate Training Scheme (Pool Lifeguard & Beach Lifeguard)
    Lifesaving Competition Sport Training Scheme ( Lifesaving Ironkids / Lifesaving Competition Basic Cerificate)
    Training Courses
    HKJC Coaching Training Course
    Course Confirmation Notice
    Announcement of Course Results
    Lifesaving Teacher Registration System
    Technique Demonstration

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